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NFT Certificate Management System (NFTCMS) builds for Schools, Colleges and Universities, which to prevent Fake Certificates and to protect the Genuine of their student Certificates. and This system also maintains Privacy for the certificate owners while allowing access only to those who have permission. Permission must be granted by the owner in order to view the details of his Certificate. How does it work? This video explains.

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Utility of NFTs in Educational Institutions

NFTs are already popular in the art and music world, providing new freedoms to artists and musicians. Blockchain technology together with NFTs can secure and authenticate the creator and the current owner of the art of music. We are now bringing these same principles and advantages of Blockchain and NFTs to the world of Education! More information...

Examples of NFT Certificates

The Certificate Design can be in any format.

Utility NFTs

Our framework also supports a variety of Use-cases for NFTs such as ticketing, memberships and ID passes for events. More information...

Concert and Sports Event Tickets NFTs

Medical and Vaccine Passports NFTs

NFTs IDs and Security Passes

NFT as Product Warranty ( NFT Warranty )

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What is a NFT?

A NFT is a non-fungible token. This means it is a unique digital file which is stored on a blockchain. This unique digital file is a cryptographic token. More reading here: NFT Dictionary